About Us

The Victorian Hot Rod Association

The Victorian Hot Rod Association (VHRA) is a non-profit organisation that has pledged itself to the support of hot rodding as a hobby and lifestyle in Victoria and nationally.

The Association is governed by a constitution and led by formally appointed VHRA Directors.

The Association’s primary objective is to promote and develop hot rodding as a major sporting and lifestyle activity in Victoria, and to provide an information base for both members and the general public to appreciate hot rods.

The VHRA is committed to enhancing the value of the Victorian Hot Rod Association brand to its clubs, the individual members and the general public. The Association will achieve this by representing the brand proficiently, while maintaining consistently high standards. The Association represents its member clubs and individuals alike in a professional manner.

Seen by many as the premier Hot Rod Association in Australia, the Association’s main focus is to provide exceptional value to its members, and to promote Hot Rods to the Victorian public.

The Victorian Hot Rod & Cool Rides Show

The Victorian Hot Rod & Cool Rides Show has been the longest running exhibit at the Exhibition Buildings in Carlton. Traditionally held over the Australia Day long weekend each year, it is visited by up to 25,000 people over the three/four days and to all of our members, and many in the general public, it is a ‘must do’.

For many people, hot rods are an obsession - a curious status symbol that gives them and others a special thrill every time they look at it. For others, they are just cars albeit vehicles of vintage class and style that always turn heads.

The hot rod is a classic and these vehicles, gleaming and polished to perfection; hold a special place in the hearts of many.

Each year, as the show approaches, enthusiasts from all around Australia spend hours in their garages getting cars into show-worthy condition.

For the real enthusiasts, showing a car is often a family occupation – mum, dad and the children all spend evenings in the garage ensuring their car will look the part and be admired by others.